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EVN publications

Discover the wealth of knowledge generated through the European VLBI Network (EVN) by exploring our comprehensive collection of major publications. This curated selection includes recent papers that incorporate EVN data, showcasing the cutting-edge research and groundbreaking discoveries made possible by our network's capabilities. Additionally, you will find proceedings from the EVN Symposia. These publications not only highlight the scientific achievements facilitated by the EVN but also serve as a testament to the collaborative spirit and innovative research within the VLBI community. Dive into our archives to witness the evolution of radio astronomy and the pivotal role the EVN plays in unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

For any publication including EVN data, please remember that we require to include the necessary acknowledgments.



VLBI20-30: a scientific roadmap for the next decade

EVN 2015

EVN2015, The Future of The European VLBI Network

Scientific papers

Proceedings of EVN symposia

The proceedings of previous EVN Symposia are available on-line: 

EVN biennial reports

Paper copies of all EVN and JIVE reports are available on request from the JIVE secretariat.