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The EVN User Support now in Mattermost

JIVE/EVN meets Mattermost


The EVN User Support Team at JIVE opens a new communication channel with Users 

Users can always contact the EVN User Support Team through the email user support {at} for any enquiry, doubt, or assistance needed with respect to EVN observations. From now on, the EVN User Support Team will also be reachable via the EVN User Support channel in Mattermost.

Mattermost is an open source platform self-hosted at JIVE providing a modern messaging user experience and a real-time and direct communication with the EVN User Support Team.

You can join the EVN User Support Mattermost channel by registering through this link.

You can join the chat either through your favorite browser by going to, or downloading the Mattermost App into your devices (GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows; or iOS and Android, are supported).